Dare to Love is a God movement, therefore the movement of the Living Word of God, across Tshwane (we believe ultimately the whole country), by people who love Jesus, spreading His love, peace and hope through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, united and together.




We create weekly events on our FB page to show where we will be launching from, as that depends where we will be going on that day. 

Alternatively you can send us your name & cellphone number to and we will add you to our

Dare To Love Volunteer WhatsApp Group. 

Each week we send out 1 message with information about that weekends outreaches.

This way you will stay informed about what's happening where around the city!

There is no membership fee, you don't have to bring anything, but if you want to, you can bring any

non-perishable foods, jam, peanut butter, old clothing, new clothing, shoes, etc to give to those in need, but the main thing Dare To Love requires from you

is to just show love and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A hug and a prayer is more than enough!

If you haven't followed us on Facebook yet, just use the link below!